Q: How much space do you need?

We are proud to serve real wood fired Italian pizzas! To do that we bring a real pizza shop to your place with our great wood fired oven (please consider the space for 3x3 gazebo + extra 3m for the oven)


Q: Do you need a power point?

Yes, we need a power point to plug in our fridge and portable sink.


Q: Do you need water access?

No, we do not need water access.


Q: Can I require a wait service?

Yes, you can add wait service on both packages if you would like, that will cost an extra $150 + travel fee per waiter/waitress.


Q: Do you cater for gluten free/coeliac?

Please consider there's cross contamination with our flour so it's not suitable for coeliac. But if your guests are not coeliac we can provide GF pizza for an extra cost of $6,50 per person.


Q: Do you cater for vegetarians/vegan/lactose intolerant?

  • Lactose free: any pizza can be made without cheese that day, on request of the guest.

  • Vegan: we have a wide choice of vegan pizzas, but if there's just 1 vegan guest, I suggest picking one vegetarian option and I'll bring vegan cheese to make the pizza on request.

  • Vegetarian: any pizza can be made without meat.


Q: Are there onions and/or garlic in your tomato base?

No, our tomato sauce does not contain any garlic or onion.


Q: Do you have crockery?

No. We’ll serve pizza on melamine plates and provide biodegradable plates and napkins. If you’d like tough you can provide your own crockeries, we are happy to use them.


Q: Do you do grazing tables?

Yes, we collaborate with Permesso and they provide an authentic Italian grazing table.

Q: What’s your cancellation policy?

If written notification of cancellation is received more than 2 weeks prior to the function date your deposit will be full refunded.


If your event needs to be rescheduled due to government mandated COVID-19 restrictions Miss Dough will transfer any money in full over to a new event date that will be negotiated with you.


If your event needs to be canceled up to 4 days prior due to government mandated COVID-19 restrictions, we will refund any money received in full. If less than 4 days notice is given food costs will apply.