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What does Miss Dough do?

Miss Dough turns your functions and parties into a relaxing, enjoyable and delicious day!

She knows how stressful it can be to have guests over and suddenly your important day becomes a nightmare in which you need to keep everything under control…


Miss Dough got it.

She will bring her wood fired oven directly in your backyard and she will delight your guests with her delicious and traditional pizzas.

She caters for meat lovers, vegetarians, vegan, dairy intolerants, gluten intolerants…there will be plenty of pizza for everybody and everybody will be happy!



We are what we eat.

An healthy body starts from what we eat and chefs and restaurants should be aware of this. Miss Dough respects you and she uses just fresh ingredients and a perfectly proofed and matured dough. Pizzas are stretched and cooked on the spot, and they are baked in your backyard at 400°C such that the dough reaches its perfection. 

Respect for the ingredients, for the tradition and respect for you and your guests.

That's Miss Dough's Mission.