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italian woodfired pizza margherita with basil
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Miss Dough

Your Trusted Mobile Woodfired Pizza Catering

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A story that spans over 3 decades

Meat lover? Vegetarian? Vegan? Dairy or gluten intolerant?

Miss Dough got you all covered! Check out her Menu and the Packages she offers!

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italian woodfired pizza with mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese



You know what you want

Miss Dough will take care of it

Who is Miss Dough
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miss dough pizza chef holding a vegetarian woodfired pizza

Who is Miss


Once upon a time, on a midsummer day, whilst waiting for her dad to pick her up and travel to the beach, little Miss Dough was enjoying her favourite pastime at her mum's pizza workshop: rolling pins, flour and of course..DOUGH!
<< Mummy, can I have more please?>>she used to ask with her excited voice from the back of the shop.  The feeling of the soft dough stretching under her fingers was magical! She loved immersing herself in such a creative experience and seeing where the combination of those simple ingredients could take her to. 
And once her dad arrived she was ready to join the other kids at the seaside, she couldn’t wait to share the perfect pizza dough recipe with them: <<you add the right amount of water to the sand until the dough becomes firm and smooth!>>
She whispered with a spark in her eyes! 

About 30 years later she still says it but in her adulthood she swapped sand with flour!

Miss Dough’s mum used to repeat every day <<you study, little Miss Dough, so you won’t have to work in the kitchen as I do! It’s hard work!>> said that though she was giving her lasagne and arancini and piadine and pizza…that wasn’t food! For a little kid that was just love and Miss Dough replied everytime “I want to be like you mum! I want to see people smiling while you serve them a slice of pizza, I want to make everybody happy!”

Yes, that’s how you share love in Italy and Miss Dough surely wants to share it.

So take some love, have a pizza!

hands grabbing woodfired margherita pizza slices from a tray
MissDough Logook.png

Treat Yourself

Miss Dough's pizza doesn't just prove, it matures!

She lets it rest for a minimum 48 hours to activate the dough. As the sugars breakdown, the pizza becomes light and easily digestible with a great taste and texture.

The traditional wood-fired oven heated to 400°C gives that finishing touch...

Just as in Italy!

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